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Business Development International

Studsa has more than 25 years experience working in top management in local and international companies with a focus on business development, marketing and sales. All with a proven successful track record of developing and growing companies/departments turnover.

Today we support companies to expand their business into new markets and regions. Studsa can support your company with business development, marketing and sales tasks or just finding the right contact or resource in the right country/city.

The last years Studsa has been working with companies from all overe the world in countries like Sweden, China, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, UK, Norway and USA. 

Studsa also work as mentor for leaders of startups and fast growing companies.

WHAT DO WE OFFER                                        INDUSTRIES
- Business development                                  - IT 
- Management                                                   - Micro Electronics 
- Marketing/sales                                             - Bank/Finance
- Financing                                                        - Oil/Gas
- Market/Competitive analysis                      - Security 
- Partner search                                               - HR
- Headhunting                                                   - Medtech

Studsa has long experience from beeing Board Director,  VP Business Development, VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing, International Sales Manager, Country Manager, Product manager, etc.


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